Section I: Programming

Precedent Studies

This is a compilation of three precedent studies completed to inform the project type. The goal of this is to learn from the examples to better  inform my programming and design choices.

Final Facade New Facade Conclusion

Final Signage New Signage Conclusion (2)  Final Transition

New Transition Conclusion

Site Analysis

This outlines the geographic and demographic factors impacting the design solution. The building and site are vital elements to consider during the programming phase of design, therefore this is a thorough analysis of my selected building and its orientation on the site chosen.

Final FranceAix

Final Site  Final Conclusion

Building Feasibility Analysis

This outlines the architectural constraints of the chosen building which confines the site. The following is an extension of the site analysis in order to better inform the final space allocation charts and final programming which will follow. This is an important aspect of programming as code restrictions  will affect what can be achieved within the structure.

Building Approach and ConditionBuilding Codes and SustainabilityFinal Conclusion

Space Allocation

This shows prototypical development as well as outlines the facility components in detail. Space allocations and relationships are based on all of the components developed thus far for the facility and client.

Facility Description

Protottypical Areas 1

Prototypical 3

Restroom Prototypical

Space ONE

Space TWO



Matrix 1

Matrix 2

Matrix 3




  1. janet romanic

    Francesca – this is impressive – you’ve done a ton of research! I especially like the creative seating ideas and the use of color shown in the one intended for parents and children. So many times standard dull colors are used because they are perceived as more durable, but the added color may just enhance the care people take of the environment? Would be an interesting study….
    Thanks for sharing this with me Francesca – looking forward to seeing the completed project. It’s looking very good!

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